The Future of Education and Art

Sebastián Ramírez
12 min readAug 17, 2022

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The current traditional education system is somewhat broken.

The jobs and requirements based on this system are also somewhat broken. Even more when combined with other arbitrary rules like fixed years of experience.

Our societies are at risk. If we don’t change those things, if we don’t do it fast enough, an increasing wave of poverty with more power and economic imbalances could come and do a lot of damage.

We can fix it.

And the future of education and art go together, at least I think they should.

I normally don’t think that whatever I have to say could be important. But people keep asking me for my opinions on random things and making me feel like my ideas are sometimes useful.

This is one of those opinions I have, normally not so public, and probably controversial. But maybe others could find it useful too, so I’m writing this.

This is just my point of view. It doesn’t represent anyone. And I can also change, adjust, and clarify my own point of view later. But maybe some of these ideas can be useful to others.

The Traditional Education System

The traditional education system seems designed to train people to adapt and work in the industrial revolution, in factories and such. That was a long time ago. Go early, dress the same, sit at a table, have a supervisor (teacher) in front of many people, do the same things as others do, etc.

People are given lots and lots of information, in most cases, without much purpose. I think most things learned and taught should have some purpose, otherwise, it’s very difficult to learn them, and even more to apply that knowledge. But anyway, that could be a longer post.

Good institutions normally can afford very good teachers.

But these institutions and those teachers are located at a specific point on earth.

Only the people around that point or the ones that can afford to go there can apply to study there. And not many are…

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